Information about deBridge security audit processes and bug bounty program

Has deBridge been audited?

Yes, deBridge's smart contracts have been audited by Halborn, Zokyo, Ackee Blockchain and Neodyme.

Security will always be deBridge's main priority and it is vital for the protocol to be reliable and secure at all times. It’s one of the main components that will determine the future progression of cross-chain interoperability, and as such the deBridge team will maintain this as a main focus area both before and after the protocol launch.

Some of our key focus areas and security strategies can be found in this blog post.

Third-party security audits

deBridge protocol and periphery modules passed more than 25+ security audits. A comprehensive list of audit reports can be found in the deBridge GitHub repository.

Immunefi bug bounty program

deBridge has presented a $200,000 Bug Bounty Program on Immunefi.

This bug bounty program is focused on preventing:

  • Loss of user funds locked (principal) by freezing or theft

  • Loss of governance funds

  • Theft of unclaimed assets

  • Permanent freezing of unclaimed assets

  • Smart contract fails to deliver promised returns

  • Unauthorized minting of wrapped assets that will lead them to lose peg

A more detailed description can be found on the Immunefi website.

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