Some ideas of deBridge Cross-Chain Use Cases!

There are endless opportunities to build cross-chain applications and primitives with deBridge. You are only limited by your imagination of what you can build and create. The flexibility of the deBridge infrastructure enables projects to create new innovative cross-chain applications and use cases.

Here are some cross-chain examples:

๐Ÿ’ฒAlgorithmic Stablecoins

As deBridge is a standard for cross-chain interoperability for any assets, protocols can use ANY collateral to establish positions. With deBridge, projects can establish positions on one chain and mint stablecoins on another chain. When the stablecoin holders wish to redeem back their collateral, they can do so seamlessly.

๐ŸŽˆSynthetic Assets

Since deBridge allows transfers of any value and message in the same transaction, assets created by protocols such as the likes of Synthetix can be easily bridged to other ecosystems and become composable and increase token utility with more protocols in the cross-chain landscape.


deBridge enables any user to swap from any asset on one blockchain to any other asset on another chain within the wallet itself without the need to switch between different apps and networks.


Cross-chain interoperability will enable opportunities such as: easy migration of tokens to a gas-efficient chain, users can perform cross-chain swaps in a single tx and protocols list their tokens at the most efficient DEXs in other chains.

๐Ÿ“ˆDecentralized Lending and Borrowing

Projects can enable new cross-chain mechanics like depositing their assets on one chain and drawing credit on another in the same transaction. Imagine being able to seamlessly move collateral between Aave v3 markets on different chains using the Portal feature โ€“ all in a single transaction.


Cross-chain capabilities enable investors to bring their unique insights and trading strategies to their followers with an index thatโ€™s easy to share and easy to buy. Imagine if a protocol wants to track a basket of native assets distributed on different chains, this can be made possible with deBridgeโ€™s universal messaging protocol.


Projects can enable increased capital efficiency and improve UX for staking. What if users wish to use their stETH on some non-EVM chain without the hassle of switching networks, and without owning native gas tokens at the destination chain? This is something among many ideas for liquid staking that deBridge can enable!


deBridge infrastructure is built to support both messaging and asset relay for GameFi. With the never-ending addition of gaming assets, youโ€™re able to facilitate interoperability and bridge any arbitrary items and NFTs between various ecosystems in a seamless manner.


Imagine if protocols could add automated vault strategies with tokens from another chain. deBridge can enable projects to offer cross-chain deposits into each smart contract vault, all in one transaction. Cross-chain transactions are possible with applications like deSwap and dePort, and itโ€™s convenient and easy to get started.


deBridge solves liquidity fragmentation by allowing liquidity to be accessed cross-chain with smart routing! We see the potential of liquidity currently in silos growing to be much bigger than it is currently. Imagine swapping aTokens (Aave Interest bearing tokens) on deSwap, and earning yield on the selected destination chain. There already exist many complex yield farming strategies made possible by amazing DeFi teams.

๐ŸŽฒPrediction Markets

Cross-chain infrastructure can enable users to swap to any asset accepted by the specific prediction market, bridge to the chain with the lowest gas fee, and make the bet. Best of all, this can be all done in 1 single Tx settled within minutes.

For a more detailed overview of our use cases please navigate to our Docs - and feel free to explore the links to read more!

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