deBridge Liquidity Network uses a 0-TVL cross-chain trading infrastructure to facilitate high-performance cross-chain exchange. Instead of using liquidity pools, the DLN executes all trades asynchronously through a self-organized liquidity network, providing developers and projects with the ability to leverage the fastest cross-chain experience on the market and transfer liquidity and information with faster time to finality than any legacy cross-chain solution.

By shifting the cross-chain paradigm from bridging to networking, deBridge enables myriad unique features for applications and users:

  • Near-instant settlement

  • Limit orders for any cross-chain trade

  • Zero slippage on any order size

  • Unlimited market depth

  • Guaranteed rates and low fees

  • Native token trading (no custodial risks of wrapped assets)

  • Zero locked liquidity at risk (0-TVL)

  • Rapidly scalable (can process any trading volume)

  • Gasless limit orders (users can commit orders without any upfront costs — tokens are deducted only if execution is guaranteed on the destination chain) (coming soon)

  • Order + call data allows adding instructions to be executed together alongside order fulfillment

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