Referrers Overview

Last updated: April 9, 2024 Note: This document is a draft and any points specifications may be subject to change in the future.

What is the Points Program?

The points program is an exciting ecosystem initiative we have launched for all our stakeholders, partners, integrators, users, and others to gain points based on the value and fees they have provided to the deBridge ecosystem.

How does the referral and tracking process work?

The deBridge referral and tracking process is straightforward and intuitive for integrators, users, and other stakeholders to start tracking the activity (volume, fees, and transactions) they drive with their specific referral code.

It’s fully on-chain — all the activity that a unique referral code generates can be fully tracked via our statistics page after connecting the wallet that has generated the referral/tracking code.

Individual referrals

If you’ve referred users to deBridge apps, you will get 25% of the points generated by any new users you’ve brought to deBridge. A new user is one who hasn’t visited our apps before and came to our app for the first time via your unique referral code.

In addition, we want to prevent the possibility for users to do sybiling via self-referrals to get rewards and benefits as that doesn’t have a positive impact on the deBridge protocol and ecosystem.

Why does it matter?

We believe anyone who has used deBridge and our applications and/or helped drive activity and volume towards the protocol deserves a share in our collective and future success. The referring component is an important possibility for anyone to start sharing their links with their follower base, network, and/or friends, and get some rewards by doing so.

With the points program, we will be granting deBridge points to referrers proportionally to the fees that are being generated for the protocol. Once again, referrers get 25% of all points from the users they refer.

Getting started as an individual referrer

Welcome to deBridge Points, and thanks for helping us spread the word!

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