Gathering data for the claim

To claim a submission, a call to the deBridgeGate.claim() method on the destination chain must be crafted using data taken from various sources. Though deSDK already provides a handy method for this, we explain here where to take and how to prepare this data.
  • _debridgeId, _amount, _receiver, _nonce can be taken from the corresponding args of the Sent event,
  • _chainIdFrom is obviously the ID of the origin chain,
  • _signatures is the string with the signatures concatenated without a delimiter (don't forget to strip hexadecimal prefixes from each but the first); signatures can be pulled from the deBridge API,
  • _autoParams is the encoded SubmissionAutoParamsFrom struct, which is the derivative of the SubmissionAutoParamsTo with nativeSender taken from the Sent event: so you need to decode _autoParams against the SubmissionAutoParamsTo struct, add the fifth element, and encode back against the SubmissionAutoParamsFrom struct.
This simple diagram shows the flow of the properties; dashed lines indicate the necessity of data decoding/encoding/unpacking/packing, while the straight line shows that the datum should be passed as is:
Data flow for the claim method
After all these elements are combined into one single call, you can sign and broadcast your transaction and wait for the Claimed event. This will indicate a successful submission.