Launch a deBridge Oracle

The oracles are selected by the governance. If the oracle is chosen it is admin requires to run the CL nodes for all the supported chains, launch a deBridge initiator and add the appropriate jobs.

Prepare the oracle

  1. Clone the launcher repo:

    git clone
  2. Set api credential in apicredential file.

  3. Put keystore file to secrets/keystore.json and store the password that decrypts the key in password.txt

  4. Set the addresses of the aggregators in the chainlink-*/burn-jobs.json and chainlink-*/mint-jobs.json.

  5. Configure postgres.env:

    BSC_DEBRIDGE_ADDRESS=... white debridge address on Binance Smart Chain
    ETH_DEBRIDGE_ADDRESS=... wheite debridge address on Ethereum
  6. Prepare and run the oracles for BSC and Ethereum.

    docker-compose up
  7. Clone the initiator repo:

    git clone
  8. Configute the enviroment:

    PGUSER=...- postgres user name
    PGHOST=...- postgres host
    PGPASSWORD=...- postgres password
    PGDATABASE=...- postgres database
    PGPORT=...- postgres port
    CHAINLINK_CONFIG_DATABASE=...- postgres database with chainlink related configurations
    SUPPORTED_CHAINS_DATABASE...- postgres database with listened networks confirgurations
    SUBMISSIONS_DATABASE...- postgres database with submissions the oracle reacted on
    MIN_CONFIRMATIONS...- minimal transaction confirmations required to react on the submission event
    EMAIL_ADDRESS...- api credential to access the chainlink node
    PASSWORD...- api credential to access the chainlink node
  9. Run the initiator.

    cd debridge-initiator && npm i && node index.js && cd ..
  10. Run script to create the initiators, prepare the jobs and store main configurations for ei to the database:

    sh chainlink-init-scripts/